FACT: Girls Car Insurance is cheaper than Guys

The truth of the matter is that women are just better drivers than men. It doesn't matter if you're a 17 year old girl or a middle aged woman, you're just less like to crash than your male counterpart. Insurance companies also know this and so they offer females special girls car insurance that no man is allowed to touch.

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These tailor made "just for girls" insurance policies provide better cover, lower rates and more bonuses. The eLadyDriverInsurance policy is a perfect example of this, just look at some of the great benefits that it provides you:

1 Year's No Claim Discount. If you don't claim for the first 8 months, then you'll get the rest of the year for free.

Breakdown Recovery - If your car brakes down anywhere within the UK, they'll fix it for you. Providing cover for: roadside repairs, home breakdown and vechile recovery.

365 Day European Travel Cover included. Wanting to go abroad for a holiday? Or need your car on a business trip? No problem - travel anywhere in the EU and you're covered.

Multiple Car and Multiple Person coverage: Up to 4 cars and 4 drivers are allowed. eLadyDriver insurance can provide cover for multiple cars and multiple drivers.

Legal cover and expenses. Great benefits including cover for: uninsured losses, personal injuries and the hiring of a replacement vechile.

5 Year's no claim discount. Once you've reached 5 years without making a claim, then you'll be guaranteed protection for life.